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Trump Announces 2020 Launch Date – And The States He’s ‘Swinging’ Through

It’s starting sooner than anyone expected – and we know the top 3 states Donald’s blitzing!

We all know Trump’s got the Republican nomination all locked up. And if you don’t know, let me put you at ease: Trump’s got the nomination locked up.

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to be taking it easy over the next year. He’s already charting out his 2020 campaign to keep Democrats out of office.

And he’s got his launch date and destination all planned out.

From Axios:

President Trump plans to formally launch his re-election campaign next month, likely with a burst of swing-state rallies…

Look out Dems! Trump’s gunning for you in the biggest swing states in the country!

Trump has already talked about his re-election campaign throughout the beginning of this year.

But sources are clamoring that he’s going to officially launch the campaign this June, with rallies throughout swing states.

We already know he’s going to appear in Pennsylvania very soon. Add to that the other blue states he flipped in 2016 like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Donald Trump did the impossible by winning states a Republican hadn’t won in years.

States that voted for Obama gladly voted for Trump, convinced that he would, in fact, make America great again.

And what has Trump done over the last two years? Oh, only make good on one promise after another.

Trump has slashed regulation, lowered taxes, brought back jobs, defanged Obamacare, and wiped out ISIS.

He’s also making good on his promise to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system.

All those swing states that put their trust in him have been paid back again and again. Trump is headed back to places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin to remind voters who really has their back.

Spoiler: it ain’t Democrats!

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